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Somehow Silas did not have a toy truck until today. Funny how little boys like them so much.

Bath time tonight.

Some recent pics of Silas I had in my phone…opening Christmas presents, in the bath & at the Burger King (a new addition here)!

We find ourselves learning things we never would have known while raising our kid in another country. One thing we never knew about Italians is that they feed their babies horse. Italy is among the few countries in the world that still eat horse and Italy is the sixth largest producer of horse meat. In certain parts of Northern Italy, horse meat is used in stews, sausages and is made into steaks. Also, we’ve discovered, baby food. Also available in baby food, rabbit and ostrich.

Will Silas get to eat horse? I think we’ll give it a try and see if he likes it.

So, Melanie and I have been putting Silas in his Bobby next to the window most mornings so he can (as the Italians say it) “take a little sun”. Most days he lays there and sleeps, but yesterday morning he was wide awake, so I took the opportunity and snapped a few photos. Because there’s enough light coming in from the window, I took these without flash, which I think makes them look much better.

I also submitted two of these (the close-up of the feet and the one with Gigi) to our Agape staff Photo Club which we recently began. February’s assignment was supposed to highlight depth of field, and while these weren’t the best examples, they were the best that I had, since I haven’t had much spare time to go around town snapping pictures.

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