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So, Melanie and I have been putting Silas in his Bobby next to the window most mornings so he can (as the Italians say it) “take a little sun”. Most days he lays there and sleeps, but yesterday morning he was wide awake, so I took the opportunity and snapped a few photos. Because there’s enough light coming in from the window, I took these without flash, which I think makes them look much better.

I also submitted two of these (the close-up of the feet and the one with Gigi) to our Agape staff Photo Club which we recently began. February’s assignment was supposed to highlight depth of field, and while these weren’t the best examples, they were the best that I had, since I haven’t had much spare time to go around town snapping pictures.

Here are some more pictures of Silas. I’ve uploaded them to our Picasa web album for easier viewing since there are so many of them.

Silas Grey - Hospital

Here are a few more pics of the little guy. All is well here. We will most likely go home tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the prayers!

Melanie mimicing one of Silas’s funny faces.

Born right around 9:15, weighing in at 2.79 kilograms. It’s getting late here, so I’m about to sign off for the day. But first a few pics from my phone! Sorry so dark; there will be better ones later.

All is going well at the hospital. The drugs to induce have definitely kicked in and Melanie’s having contractions now. The doctors & nurses here are awesome, including a midwife that speaks perfect English and is hilarious. We’ll keep you all updated as things progress.

This post serves a double purpose. First, I’m posting this from my phone as a test, to see how easy it will be to do it from the hospital. Secondly, Mel & I wanted to update everyone on the status of the kiddo, affectionately nicknamed “Baby Wingnut” by our friend Henry.

We had a check-up last night at 9:30 (that’s right, Sunday night). It was actually really nice, because the hospital was almost empty and we had a great conversation with our doctor. She monitored the baby’s heartrate and Melanie’s contractions, which were both good. We got an “any day now” prognosis and are to go back Wednesday morning for the next check-up. We’ll keep this blog updated though, especially from the hospital, once the action begins. Thanks to you all for your support and prayers!

Here’s a pic from Mel at her last check-up during the monitoring.

Well, we’re back in Italy now and within 3 weeks of the due date.  Settling into our new apartment has gone well and we’re just about ready for the little man to show up.

Yesterday some of our great friends here hosted Melanie an Italian baby shower (thanks Michelle & Sarah!).  A lot of people showed up, many of them for their first ever baby shower.  During the point when Mel was opening presents and her friend Sarah was writing down what she was receiving, an Italian leaned over to her and asked, “Is this normal?”  In Italy, it is more customary to personally visit new parents after the baby is born and bring your gift at that point.  So, I guess instead of an “Italian baby shower”, we should call it an “Italian-American baby shower”.  Either way, it was fun!

Thanks to all who attended!

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