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Maybe it’s the failing Italian economy or just a new idea for advertising, but now our paper towels come with ads. I guess the company decided it had lots of white ad space to sell off. This ad is for fruit juice and though I look at it every day, I haven’t bought any…yet!

Paper Towels

Fall Conference photos below. Thank you so much for your prayers for the conference. It went off without a hitch and our staff and Italian partners from around the country were all very pleased!

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This past weekend I was in charge of a conference called Nuovo Inizio (New Beginnings) for our new staff and interns. The conference was at a farm (fattoria) outside Siena in a very hilly, very beautiful part of Tuscany. Here are some photos of our weekend.

We find ourselves learning things we never would have known while raising our kid in another country. One thing we never knew about Italians is that they feed their babies horse. Italy is among the few countries in the world that still eat horse and Italy is the sixth largest producer of horse meat. In certain parts of Northern Italy, horse meat is used in stews, sausages and is made into steaks. Also, we’ve discovered, baby food. Also available in baby food, rabbit and ostrich.

Will Silas get to eat horse? I think we’ll give it a try and see if he likes it.

My doctor here in Florence

My doctor here in Florence, Dottoressa Bucciantini

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